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What do your EYES say about you?(picks +detailed answers + quotes)

Your eyes show love and sympathy. You mostly think about your loved one, a person whom you feel attracted to, a person which means a lot to you. You care about your parents and about life in general. In your eyes people see not only a dreamer longing for love but also a kind hearted person who many only imagine to be. Congratulation on getting this result for it means you know how to live life, have fun but also love everyone. Deep down you hate no one even thought they hurt you. You can forgive and forget and do to all this you have friends some close and some not so close. You help your friends and they help you. Together you are a team."Love isnt about finding the perfect person, its about seeing an imperfect person perfectly" Thanks for taking the quiz, hope you enjoyed it!
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What's your life at Hogwarts gonna be like?-Pictures and story included(for girls only sry guys)

Your bf is Harry. Your house is Gryfindor. Your best friends are the golden trio!How it happened: Harry had asked you to meet him at the lake the other night. You were nervous that he may do somthing bad, he had been acting so strange lately. You sat at the end of the lake and watched the mer people swim. Harry came up from behind you and kissed you so deeply you almost backed into the lake."Wow" you said. he smiled and pulled you closer. he kissed your neck and ran his hands over your chest, blushing."Will you go to the ball with me? I love you.""Yes of corse I will Harry! I love you too!"AFTERWARDS- You had 7 kids with Harry and married him a week from the last day of school. You still loved each other very much and enjoyed playing games with the kids. You love each other more and more every day. Congrads!
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Which is your magic number and what it says about you? BOYS and GIRLS

Number Nine: The Tolerant. Personality: Your patience definitely is extreme; you can handle any situation without freaking out. You are super noble and like to take care of those who you love. People around you look for your kindness and friendship; you are a very loyal friend.Love: (Guys, Girls) admire your tranquility and intelligence to manage problems; you never let them get on your nerves, which make long lasting relationships.Youre calling: One of your dreams is being a (mommy, daddy). Education is something you where born for, you could think on becoming a children psychologist or physical therapist. Please rate, you are just a click away to make a quiz maker happy!!
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what is your inner fairy?(gurls only please)

fairy of love~ you love everything you have a positive out look on everything, you have ever been in real love,you are a loyal and faithful lover, who loves with all your heart, but your open to new experiences and you greet them with a smile
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